Reduce Gut Sensitivity
With Capsaicin

World's First Gut Healthy Chili Crisp for IBS

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Reduce Gut Sensitivity
with Capsaicin

The World's First Gut Healthy Chili Crisp for IBS

Reduce Gut Sensitivity with Capsaicin

The World's First
Gut Healthy Chili Crisp for IBS

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Calm Your Gut With Pain-Free Spice

Chili peppers, naturally desensitize overly sensitive nerves, restoring them to a healthy state. This is called capsaicin therapy, and it clinically treats visceral hypersensitivity, the root cause of many IBS symptoms.

Eating chilis can cause pain when starting, so we microencapsulate capsaicin with oleic acid from avocado oil. This healthy fat cushions your gut from pain while preserving capsaicin's benefits.


seed oils





using whole ingredients

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Bowl of silken tofu with spicy sauce and chopped green onions.

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Vegan • Low FODMAP • Gluten Free • Whole Ingredients

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Reduce Sensitivity

Why Doctors Recommend Redbloom


Rani Berry, MD

"As a gastroenterologist with a focus on IBS I’ve seen patients try everything out there. Food-as-Medicine has truly helped my patients achieve long-lasting relief"


Medical Advisor


Nina Liu, MD

"As an immunologist with a focus on autoimmunity, reducing gut sensitivity has helped patients regain control of their gut. Redbloom not only works, it also tastes great"


Medical Advisor


Duyhien Nguyen, MD

"Redbloom provides organic nutrients that enhance gut microbiome bioavailability, healing you internally and satisfying your flavor needs without the need for multiple daily pills."

Emergency Medicine

Spicy Aficionado


Naixin Zhang, MD

"Redbloom tastes so good that I don’t just recommend it, I eat it before performing long surgeries, to keep my gut in check."


Spicy Aficionado

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Why Doctors Recommend Redbloom