Science of gut healthy heat

I. IBS Symptoms are caused by visceral hypersensitivity

Essentially the nerves around the gut are overly sensitive to stimuli. Which can trigger false alarms to the brain saying “Something is wrong down here”. And our immune system will respond by flushing out our gut, causing flare-ups and other symptoms.

II. Reducing gut sensitivity is key to manage ibs symptoms long term

Many supplements only reduce triggers of IBS symptoms but don't lessen our hypersensitivity to those symptoms. Meaning symptoms may return once we try to cycle off. Long term reliance on supplements may yield side effects that can worsen IBS symptoms; therefore, we need to address the root cause: gut sensitivity

III. Capsaicin is clinically proven to reduce gut sensitivity in 6 weeks

Capsaicin (spicy compounds found in chili peppers) is natural and praised for its desensitization effects - it's already a key ingredient in most pain creams on the market today. The challenge with internal application is that it can cause flare-ups in the beginning, by binding to our hypersensitive nerves. To overcome this, we microencapsulated the capsaicin in oleic acid (omega 9 unsaturated fat from avocado oil) to provide a cushion for the nerve. This allows more sensitive tummies to adhere to this protocol long enough to achieve clinical efficacy.

Graph comparing pain response over time between 'Redbloom Chili' and 'Normal Chili'.

IV. Medicine, formulated with whole foods at the molecular level

Many gut supplements are whole foods synthesized to the molecular. Redbloom is whole foods formulated at the molecular level, to the clinical dosages. We use 16 clinically-backed whole ingredients - including organic lion's mane and organic MCT oil - that can be easily absorbed by our body.

Here's the real question:

How do we craft a product that's not only tastes the best and aligns with cultural expectations, but is also natural, healthy, and maintains these molecular principles, while factoring in temperature, pressure, and humidity limits?

We use AI!

Achieving gut-friendly spice is a Rubik's Cube problem - everything must balance from both a science and culinary perspective

Infographic on a three-phase spicy food tolerance program with illustrations of chili and product jars.

Science of Redbloom

Redbloom's AI Framework

Redbloom's AI framework serves to analyze and understand the molecular structure of various ingredients, their interactions, and the impact they have on health and flavor

Redbloom's AI Architecture

AI models are trained on real data and adjusted by expert perspectives and customer feedback. Redbloom has been through 4,000 iterations before achieving perfection

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