Our Story

I started Redbloom out of my own battle with IBS. I felt out of touch with my culture, my friends, and my career. Everyday, I woke up to eat bland food, powders, pills, and gummies, while holding my stomach. I once fainted at a networking event from a surprise flare-up. Most of all, I missed eating spicy food.

One day, I said enough is enough. This is no way to live. So I left my six figure tech job and ventured into the foodtech and biotech world looking for a solution.

My journey to understand my condition led me to research and a friendship with Edwin, a gut doctor and trained chef - he runs a cooking class for IBS patients on the weekends. There is clinical evidence backing the medicinal desensitization effects of capsaicin, spicy compounds in chili peppers - it's already a key ingredient in pain and anti-inflammation creams. So why can't people with IBS eat it? Don't the same nerves on our skin exist in our gut? Turns out, capsaicin binds to our pain receptors, tricking our bodies into thinking it's in pain and consequently flush out our gut. This visceral hypersensitivity is also what's responsible for all IBS symptoms; therefore, reducing gut sensitivity is key to managing IBS symptoms long term.

So we made the world's first gut healthy chili crisp to help you better manage your IBS symptoms in the most delicious way possible. I hope you like it.

Here's how we did it

Steph Peng, Founder & CEO

From Our Medical Advisory Board

Rani Berry, MD

Rani is a board certified clinical gastroenterologist with 15+ publications in IBS, Food-as-Medicine, and Gut Health.

She is also a faculty facilitator at Standford Medicine's Teaching Kitchen


Medical Advisor

Nina Liu, MD

Nina is a double board certified Immunologist and Psychiatrist with publications in Nature.

She is also an US Top 50 Physician honoree


Medical Advisor

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From Our Medical Advisory Board

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From Our Medical Advisory Board

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We're scientific about ingredients

Consider our approach to sourcing oleic acid (from cold-pressed avocado oil), for instance. We traveled the world to find the purest, most potent natural sources of these vital compounds. Then, we utilized advanced microencapsulation techniques to ensure optimal absorption and effectiveness in the digestive system.

Our products also incorporate carefully selected botanicals, health-promoting compounds, and potent adaptogens. All chosen for their anti-inflammatory properties and their capacity to enhance the flavor without causing any digestive discomfort.


Our commitment to sustainability

We believe that it's our responsibility to do our part to protect the planet, and we're constantly looking for new ways to improve our sustainability practices.

Locally Sourced
We source our ingredients from local farmers whenever possible. Supporting our health and our community

Sustainable Packaging
Our product comes in glass jars instead of plastic, with aluminum lids, making everything fully recyclable

Zero Waste
We practice lean production and use AI to streamline our operations, resulting in zero waste

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